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Quality Action is the EU-wide ‘Joint Action on Improving Quality in HIV Prevention’. The project, which brings together 25 associated and 20 collaborating partners from 26 Member States, started on 1 March 2013 and will run for three years. Quality Action contributes to the implementation of the EC Communication: ‘Combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union and neighbouring countries (2009 – 2013)’.

Quality Action aims to increase the effectiveness of HIV prevention in Europe by using practical Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) tools. Quality Action develops and adapts QA/ QI tools especially for use in HIV prevention. The project will train at least 60 trainers and facilitators to support at least 80 HIV prevention programs and projects across the EU that will be applying the QA/QI tools.

Countries involved

The countries highlighted in green are participating in Quality Action.

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Save the Date: Quality Action Conference 2016! Berlin, 26-27 January

Join our 45 governmental and non-governmental partners from 26 countries for this excellent opportunity to take stock of the latest developments in improving quality in HIV prevention. Work package leaders will present results and implementing partners will share their practical experience of Quality Action and discuss them in open, interactive formats. Keynote speakers Prof Kevin Fenton and Prof Michael Wright will stimulate discussion and exchange among trainers, practitioners and policy makers. Click here for more information.


Join us on the 24 September at the Lisbon Addictions conference 2015!

Quality Action will present with our local partners GAT at the symposium: ‘Improving health interventions to prevent, reduce harm and treat addictive substance misuse, with the support of the EU Health Programme’, on Thursday, 24 September – the second lunch time session. The symposium will offer the opportunity to discuss progress and challenges in providing health interventions such as prevention and harm reduction in relation to blood borne infections among people who inject drugs, and to share good practices. The satellite symposium is organised with the support of CHAFEA, the Executive Agency for Health from the European Commission. More information on the symposium and conference programme can be found here.

Updates on Quality Action’s work

Five Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement tools are ready, available and in the process of being translated in different languages. We have trained 105 prevention experts at the European level and many more on the national level. They have in turn completed more than 80 practical applications of the tools and sent in case studies. We are continuously evaluating our work and we have encouraging preliminary results showing increased skills and confidence of partners.

This autumn we are going to develop the Charter for Quality in HIV Prevention and a policy kit, in addition to finalising the tools and case studies.

For more detailed information on our progress and achievements so far, click here.


Professor Dr Elisabeth Pott
Director of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), for the Quality Action website

I am honoured that the task of coordinating Quality Action, the key initiative on quality improvement in HIV prevention in Europe, has been entrusted to the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA). I encourage all of you to use the opportunity that Quality Action presents to engage with it as fully as you can and to be open to learning from each other.

Dirk Pyck
Executive director, Sensoa (Belgium)

Quality Action offers a great opportunity to upscale our efforts to ensure good quality sexual health interventions.

Tamara Poljicanin
Director Croatian National Institute of Public Health

Quality improvement is of key importance for public health prevention programmes and will contribute to the successful control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Chris Lambrechts
Executive director, Sensoa (Belgium)

Sensoa attaches great importance to the quality of the sexual health interventions. Moreover, our Health Ministry expects us to deliver effective interventions to improve sexual health in Flanders.

Wolfgang Götz
Director EMCDDA

HIV prevention is a crucial element in limiting the spread of infection. While considerable progress in this area has been made, more can be done and EMCDDA therefore welcomes this important project.

Silke Klumb
CEO Deutsche AIDS Hilfe

This project is a great chance to foster the exchange between NGOs and GOs on the topic of Quality improvement. We need sustainable solutions for all that keep human rights as the guiding principle.

Ines Perea
German Ministry of Health

Quality Action provides a unique opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of our HIV prevention efforts, especially by enhancing the quality of our strategies and action plans across Europe.

Alexandra Žampachová
Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic

This project is of great importance for improving the quality of HIV/AIDS prevention in the Slovak Republic. We feel that the Quality Action offers us a great opportunity to upscale our efforts.

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Are you involved in an HIV prevention initiative and interested in applying a quality improvement/quality assurance tool to one of your projects or programs?

If so, get involved in Quality Action and link with the Quality Action partner in your country, or contact Carolin Vierneisel

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