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Quality Action is the EU-wide ‘Joint Action on Improving Quality in HIV Prevention’. The project, which brings together 25 associated and 20 collaborating partners from 26 Member States, started on 1 March 2013 and will run for three years. Quality Action contributes to the implementation of the EC Communication: ‘Combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union and neighbouring countries (2009 – 2013)’.

Quality Action aims to increase the effectiveness of HIV prevention in Europe by using practical Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) tools. Quality Action develops and adapts QA/ QI tools especially for use in HIV prevention. The project will train at least 60 trainers and facilitators to support at least 80 HIV prevention programs and projects across the EU that will be applying the QA/QI tools.

Countries involved

The countries highlighted in green are participating in Quality Action.

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AIDS 2014 conference closes in Australia

No one can be left behind if the AIDS epidemic is to come to an end by 2030; despite all the progress made to date, the social determinants of the epidemic still need to be addressed. These were some of the main messages of the 20th International AIDS Conference, which closed in Melbourne, Australia, on 25 July. Quality Action and its work on quality improvement in HIV prevention were well received: over 80 participants filled the skills building workshop room to the very last available seat and about 40 participants worked in groups to learn to use the Succeed tool. The intense discussions held in small groups confirmed how Succeed can help structure  participatory discussion and self-reflection on the quality of projects.  Matthias Wentzlaff-Eggebert (BZgA Germany), Christiana Noestlinger (ITM Belgium) and Aryanti Radyowijati (ResultsInHealth Netherlands) co-facilitated the workshop on behalf of Quality Action with the support of W3, our partner project at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University, Melbourne.


Some of the world’s leading HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates died on the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed in Ukraine. We would like to pay homage to those who dedicated their careers to fighting HIV/AIDS, and especially the dear colleagues and friends who also contributed to Quality Action.  We will treasure their wisdom and support and our thoughts are with their families, loved ones, friends and colleagues.


20-25 July 2014: Quality Action at AIDS 2014 – Melbourne, Australia

Quality Action offers two events at AIDS 2014  - the 20th International AIDS conference: an introductory workshop to quality improvement and the Succeed tool as well as a symposium on quality and evidence in HIV prevention. Quality Action present both in collaboration with the W3 Project at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

More information about the conference and our sessions you can find on AIDS 2014 webpage.

 10-11 October 2014: iCAN conference

Quality Action will co-present two of the workshops on the 10-11 October 2014 at the conference “Increasing capacities, Achieving Novelty (iCAN): Pan-European Conference on Community Empowerment and Sustainable Response to HIV/AIDS.” The conference is organised by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) in collaboration with UNAIDS, AIDS Healthcare Foundation,  Apoyo Positivo, ECUO, Quality Action and SKAIDS and it is co-funded by the European Commission. The application for the iCAN conference is now open. More information about the conference, draft agenda as well as the application form can be found on the iCAN’s webpage 

Quality Action in HIV meeting in Athens

CHAFEA is organising a media cluster meeting in Athens on 12-13 June: the EU Contribution to a reinforced prevention and improved care of HIV epidemic resurgence.  Quality Action will present the evidence, need, approaches and sources for quality improvement (QI) and quality assurance (QA) for HIV prevention programmes. An expert panel discussion will be held on EU Health Programme actions contribution for ensuring improvement of the quality of HIV prevention in Europe. Find more information here.

 New Tools: PIQA and Schiff

Two new tools have been developed in Quality Action. They will be further tested and evaluated by partners in Quality Action: PIQA  is a quality assurance tool for of HIV prevention projects targeting People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) and Schiff – A Tool for Improving the Quality of Prevention Programmes. The tools and guidance documents are available here.

European level training workshops

The European level training workshops were held in Dublin (9th to 11th April), Barcelona (28 th to 30th April), Ljubljana (7th to 9th May) and Tallinn (13th to 15th May). More than 90 experts from all participating countries have already registered.


Professor Dr Elisabeth Pott
Director of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), for the Quality Action website

I am honoured that the task of coordinating Quality Action, the key initiative on quality improvement in HIV prevention in Europe, has been entrusted to the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA). I encourage all of you to use the opportunity that Quality Action presents to engage with it as fully as you can and to be open to learning from each other.

Dirk Pyck
Executive director, Sensoa (Belgium)

Quality Action offers a great opportunity to upscale our efforts to ensure good quality sexual health interventions.

Tamara Poljicanin
Director Croatian National Institute of Public Health

Quality improvement is of key importance for public health prevention programmes and will contribute to the successful control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Chris Lambrechts
Executive director, Sensoa (Belgium)

Sensoa attaches great importance to the quality of the sexual health interventions. Moreover, our Health Ministry expects us to deliver effective interventions to improve sexual health in Flanders.

Wolfgang Götz
Director EMCDDA

HIV prevention is a crucial element in limiting the spread of infection. While considerable progress in this area has been made, more can be done and EMCDDA therefore welcomes this important project.

Silke Klumb
CEO Deutsche AIDS Hilfe

This project is a great chance to foster the exchange between NGOs and GOs on the topic of Quality improvement. We need sustainable solutions for all that keep human rights as the guiding principle.

Ines Perea
German Ministry of Health

Quality Action provides a unique opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of our HIV prevention efforts, especially by enhancing the quality of our strategies and action plans across Europe.

Alexandra Žampachová
Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic

This project is of great importance for improving the quality of HIV/AIDS prevention in the Slovak Republic. We feel that the Quality Action offers us a great opportunity to upscale our efforts.

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Are you involved in an HIV prevention initiative and interested in applying a quality improvement/quality assurance tool to one of your projects or programs?

If so, get involved in Quality Action and link with the Quality Action partner in your country, or contact Carolin Vierneisel

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