12.02.2014 • Training workshops

The training workshops will be held in Dublin (9th to 11th April), Barcelona (28 th to 30th April), Ljubljana (7th to 9th May) and Tallinn (13th to 15th May). More than 90 experts from all participating countries have already registered.

01.10.2013 • Quality Action on Twitter and Facebook

You can now follow Quality Action on Twitter and Facebook. Stay up to date on project developments and other relevant news from the HIV prevention field. Follow us on Twitter or like the Quality Action Facebook page.

01.10.2013 • Quality Action website launched today

Today marks the launch of, the website of Quality Action, the EU co-funded Joint Action on Quality in HIV Prevention. The website has detailed information about the project and practical quality assurance and quality improvement tools developed and adapted especially for use in HIV prevention. The website offers ways to get involved in Quality Action and to learn more about how to improve the quality of HIV prevention programmes and projects.

05.06.2013 • Materials of Quality Action kick-off workshop now available

On 5-6 June 2013, the kick-off workshop of Quality Action took place in Berlin, Germany. All presentations and a workshop report are now available. Click here for further information.


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