Category: National Program for the Prevention of HIV Infection and Fighting AIDS
National Program for the Prevention of piqa HIV Infections and Fighting AIDS
developed for the years 2012-2016

The program was developed by the National AIDS Center – an agency of the Minister of Health piqa, which defines the state policy in the area of ​​preventing and combating HIV / AIDS.

Main goal with piqa:

  • reducing the spread of HIV infections
  • improving the quality of life in the psychosocial sphere of people living with HIV / AIDS, their families and relatives

Detailed objectives:

  • increasing the level of knowledge about HIV / AIDS piqa among the general public, with particular emphasis on sexually active people
  • reducing the level of risky behaviors by changing the attitudes and health behaviors of young people
  • increasing and integrating activities aimed at preventing HIV infection, including extending the information offer tailored to the needs of an individual recipient
  • ensuring adequate access to education and diagnostic services in the field of HIV / AIDS prevention and RTV treatment
  • promoting free and anonymous HIV testing, with particular emphasis on women of reproductive age, including women who are pregnant or planning to become a mother

Addressees piqa:

  • students of junior high and high schools, students
  • staff, patients of medical entities
  • women who are pregnant or planning motherhood
  • adults (18-39 years of age) who frequently change sexual partners, engaging in risky sexual behavior

The State Sanitary Inspectorate conducts extensive educational and preventive activities in the area of ​​primary prevention, based on the Schedule for the implementation of the National Program for the Prevention of HIV Infections piqa and Fighting AIDS developed for 2012-2016. As part of the Program, social campaigns aimed at the general public are conducted.


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