For the purpose of Quality Action, five practical and knowledge-based QA/QI tools for HIV prevention (including guidance and training materials) were to be selected, developed and adapted. The following criteria have been set up for the selection process:

  • The tool should be knowledge-based. The tool should be based on published research or documented best practice.
  • The tool should have been evaluated. There should be documented evaluations proving that the tool works.
  • The tool should have been demonstrated to be suitable for HIV Health Promotion and Prevention. Key elements of the international HIV response should preferably be integrated in the tool so it contains and strengthens some of the common concepts and language used. This will enable persons working in the preventive response to develop a common knowledge base and understanding of quality in HIV prevention.
  • The tool should be in a practical format and user friendly.

Three evidence-based tools have been validated for HIV prevention that fulfil the criteria:

  1. Quality in Prevention (QIP)
  2. Participatory Quality Development (PQD)

Two further tools fulfil some of the criteria, but need further development or adaptation to HIV prevention or to a more useful format for QA/QI activities. These two new tools will be tested and evaluated within Quality Action:

  1. A QA tool will be developed within an area of health promotion and prevention that has evidence of best practice and standards available, e.g health promotion and prevention targeting people who inject drugs (PWID).
  2. A tool will be designed specifically for programs rather than projects, a “PROGRAM TOOL”.


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