We have not yet been successful in eliminating HIV transmission; prices of HIV diagnoses continue to be high amongst key populations in the EU/EEA region.

The HIV action in the EU/EEA has actually not been effective enough to cause a noticeable decline over the last decade on quality-action. Several factors influence the efficiency of HIV avoidance. 2 essential aspects are: the selected techniques, techniques and treatments have to be suitable to the circumstance they address, as well as they need to be carried out at a high level of high quality.

For decision manufacturers, developing causal links in complex systems of human behaviour, measuring sufficient program scale as well as comparing inefficient strategies and also ineffective application are challenging. Specialists highlight implementation high quality as a key factor in the performance of HIV prevention.

Quality renovation aims to promote the wellness of the area with renovations in the quality of programs, services as well as plans. It makes use of a defined structure in a continual, recurring initiative to achieve quantifiable enhancements in the effectiveness, performance, performance, accountability and end results in HIV prevention. Quality improvement is primarily concerning documenting as well as identifying what jobs well as well as why, and then building on and multiplying successes. It serves to discover, recognize and improve shortcomings.

The quality renovation devices available via High quality Action are based on proof, practical experience and specialist suggestions. They make certain that the picked HIV prevention treatments are planned, applied, monitored and evaluated as well as possible to maximise their efficiency.


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